CCS volunteers: You can win symphony tickets!

If you’re a CCS volunteer, you’re eligible to win a pair of coveted symphony tickets.

The Elkhart County Symphony has given us two tickets to their Feb. 13 concert. We invite all volunteers to stop in at CCS to enter the drawing by Thurs., Feb. 11. The winner will receive both free tickets.

Register in our new volunteer central, “The Hub,” located in the back of the warehouse, near the dock doors.

You all deserve this, but we only have two tickets. We recently calculated that every day, volunteers do the work of 8 full-time staff. We can’t function without all of you very important persons. Thanks for all you do.

Concert details:
Elkhart County Symphony
in a cabaret orchestral concert
Sat, Feb. 13, p.m, 7:30 p.m. (go at 7 for a museum tour)
RVMH Hall of Fame, off CR 17 south of the toll road
Featured performer: Rich Ridenour, comedic pianist

Help us spread the word to as many CCS volunteers as possible.


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