SEEDS – Lots and Lots of Seeds!


We have seed packets available for the taking. Fruits, vegetables, herbs and flower seeds, courtesy of Feed the Hungry.

Come and help yourself!


3 responses to “SEEDS – Lots and Lots of Seeds!

  1. Do you still have seeds left? I think that’s wonderful about the seeds, to help those who want to plant their own gardens but can’t afford to buy seeds. 🙂

  2. Hi, Do you have straight yellow squash seeds? When can we come and see what you have? I live in Osceola, which is almost to Ash Road.

    Please reply as I’m trying to fill my garden plot which is 40 x 70. Still need some seeds but most have been started in the house already.

    Thank you.
    Nancy Treece cell number 514-0207.

    • Hi Nancy –
      We are out of the yellow squash seeds, but you are more than welcome to look through the packets for other types of things if you want to. Our hours are M – TH (9-12 & 1-4) & FRI (9-12).

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