How to Organize a Food Drive

An elderly lady was going through the food line in our pantry, and I asked her how “young” she was.  She replied that she was 84 years old.  She also said that with only Social Security she is not able to buy enough food.  She would not be able to eat if it were not for CCS.  The “youngster” who drove her was a mere 78 years old. She spoke the very same words. 

The 78 year old just retired this year.  The 84 year old volunteers every week at The Harvest Basket and at St. Paul’s clothes closet, and that’s in her “spare time.” 

She struggles to keep her diabetes in check.  She was just hospitalized about a week ago as well.  She walked with a walker, head held high.  I couldn’t help but  wonder what will happen as the snow begins to fly and accumulate.

With God’s help and yours we’re able to show compassion to people like her.

How to Organize a Food Drive

Decide what type of drive you want.

-Personal care items?

-Food? What type of food is most in need? 

What are you trying to achieve with this drive?

Any type of drive will work, just make clear to the people you are reaching exactly what your goals are. 

Sometimes one or two key items is a very effective way to “simplify” the drive. 

Examples:  Canned Hearty Soups and Crackers, canned meat and fish, cereal and dry milk. 

Set the date and length of time you want the drive to last. 

All of this is up to you.  Everything makes a difference!  We need food 12 months a year.

Pick up the phone and call CCS. 

Ask for Mary Kneller (574) 295-3673  ext. 116. 

We will work in ANY way to help you.

We are eager to help in any way to help you with your act of generosity.  We have barrels for distribution, and would be happy to bring them to you and pick them up!   We will  report back to you exactly how many pounds of food or personal care you have raised! 

Please inform the people who helped in this drive of the impact of their generosity! 

God bless you and we are praying for you.


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