CCS Volunteers have first book published!

Long time CCS friends and volunteers, Betsy & Eric Semple, have written an amazing book about their personal experiences.  Please Be Patient, I’m Just a Caregiver.


Cover Image

A customer review had this to say:

“I read this book during the recent holidays and loved it. Eric and Betsy Semple present their unique approach to the caregiver/patient role. Their approach is based on a “marriage encounter workshop” they attended 30+ years ago while living in California. The information they gathered in that workshop and learned in succeeding years is what they share in this book. Who the patient is and who the caregiver is makes no difference. It can work with all combinations be it husband/wife, parent/child, or friend/friend, and it has to do with feelings, not the facade we show the world each day, but the feelings that lie, mostly ignored, underneath. The process is to recognize the feelings as they occur, understand them, describe them and share them (if desired).

The first half of the book tells the story of Betsy’s medical ordeal over a timeframe of almost 3 years. What she endured is mindboggling: 3 surgeries, complications with 2 of those, cancer treatment (chemo interrupted by a broken thigh bone, and radiation), plus hours of physical therapy. Lucky Eric got to be the caregiver/coach/husband….

The second half of the book shares the in-depth information on how to recognize deep feelings, understand them, describe them in a journal, and share them. Eric and Betsy were able to do this throughout their entire ordeal. This is their unique approach, their therapy. They shared lots of ups and downs, tears and good humor along the way. They tell us how it worked for them.

Please Be Patient, I’m Just A Caregiver serves as a wonderful guide for the caregiver/patient relationships that have already arrived or could be waiting for many of us. It is a great book for everyone.”

The book is available for sale on Amazon as well as Barnes & Noble.

Congratulations Betsy & Eric! 


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