Upcycling: good for so many reasons

We just discovered Terracycle. Have you? It intrigues us for two reasons. At CCS we try to be good stewards of both funds and the earth God entrusted to us. We also like to encourage creative ways to raise money for the work we do. In the spirit of both, have we got an idea for you–don’t just recycle, upcycle for CCS!

Terracycle provides free waste collection programs for  hard-to-recycle materials, things like drink pouches, chip bags, cosmetic tubes, and zip-closure plastic bags. In fact, they pay 2 cents apiece for most items collected. Then they turn the waste into 240 affordable green products for home, office, school — even gifts — that are sold by major retailers both online and brick-and-mortar. To date they have saved nearly 2 billion waste items from the landfill and enlisted 14 million people to collect the items all over the world.

A Terracycle brigade (collection group) collects and sends Terracycle particular waste materials. In return, the brigade receives 2 cents from Terracycle for each item, which they may donate to the cause of their choice. For more information on forming a brigade, click here. In this way you or a group you know can help reduce landfill and raise a bit of money to help CCS at the same time.

What do you think? Let us know if you or a group you know decides to become a brigade. We’ll help you spread the word about  what you’re collecting.

Worth thinking about.


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