SOS Graduation October 2011

On October 12, nine amazing women graduated from Soup Of  Success.  Each woman brought numerous support people, friends and family members making it the largest graduation crowd to date.  Fellowship of  Hope church was packed to capacity with proud, emotional family members and support people celebrating accomplishments achieved over the past 20 weeks.

“It was a powerful experience  to see these nine incredible women graduate.”  said Goshen College Social Work intern, Krista Kaufman.  “They have worked so hard and achieved so much in the past twenty weeks.  They have learned how to support each other, challenge themselves, and recognize their own strengths and resources.  I can’t wait to see what they do with all they have learned!”

There is indeed a bright future ahead of these women if the past twenty weeks is any indication.  Not only have several been able to obtain jobs in this difficult economy, but three started GED classes and one took her GED exam and passed! Several are in college and thriving.  ALL have wonderful things ahead of them.

Mentor Jill Duggan was on hand with her family to support her mentee/graduate, Mona.  “Witnessing what this program has done for these women is so moving and inspiring!  The women have gained so many skills – life, social, emotional and occupational.  I am honored to have a small part in this life changing program.”


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