Thankful Thursday

Welcome to the first installment of our newest weekly blog feature – Thankful Thursday!  Each week, we will list a few of the reasons that we are so incredibly thankful.

Thank you to:

  • The crew of volunteers that join us on Tuesday evenings allowing us to stay open one night a week and serve the community members that need assistance and can’t make it here during their working hours.
  • Rose Fournier – who treated the CCS evening crew to tacos from Taco Bell this past Tuesday.
  • The anonymous donor who gave 675 pounds of assorted baby food and formula.
  • A small group of friends from Trinity UMC who brought in almost 200 pounds of food this morning.
  • Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Elkhart and Calvary UMC – who both donated food as well
  • USDA – who sent 14,107 pounds of canned goods that came in the knick of time as our shelves were sparse.


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