Thoughts From Current Soup Of Success Participant – Contina

My whole life has changed dramatically since I have started Soup Of Success.

  • Lots of doors have opened and I have more confidence in myself.  I am not ashamed of my past, because it is just that – a past.  The family at SOS has helped me to start a new beginning in life.
  • The support here is amazing.  Even when you think you won’t succeed, they will find a way to make sure you do.
  • Managing my school time with Bethel College and work is a task, but well accomplished and worth it.
  • I have a better understanding for life and I appreciate it more.
  • Through SOS I have made more resources available to myself.  I don’t have to take risks like I did before.  I can make better choices.
  • I have increased my job skills and manage my money better.

A lot has changed for the better.  I’m so happy to be a part of Soup Of Success.  All women need this in their life at one time.


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