Building Construction Progress 5/9/12

Phase II of our building is well under way.  Everything is progressing at an amazing rate, and we are on pace to open the new pantry and warehouse building by June 15th.

This will give us the resources, space, and opportunity to better serve needs in our growing community.  It will allow us to store and distribute more food, will be cleaner and more welcoming, and will give space to be more volunteer- and client- friendly. We’ll also be able to put more focus on education, such as providing handy recipes and nutritional facts. The new pantry will be 1,225 sq. ft. compared to the current 494 sq. ft.  The new warehouse will be 2,910 sq. ft. compared to the current 1,680 sq. ft.  There will also be an 864 sq. ft. welcome center complete with a children’s area, and a prayer room for anyone who feels a need to pray.

It has been a blessing to see our community of support come together and work towards this goal. We extend our gratitude to our crew leader, Bruce Barwick, and all of the volunteers who have generously donated time and materials to our cause. A special thanks to all the donors who made this progress possible! Things are really moving around here!

Some recent pictures:

Construction crew working diligently

Welcoming Center

Loading docks


Laying cement


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