CCS’ Amazing Elkhart Race Recap (part 3)

Leg 7:

Elkhart Riverwalk / NIBCO Water & Ice Park

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Racers left the YMCA and made their way along the river walk to the NIBCO Water & Ice Park. Along the way, they were to take note of the 10 marked signs with numbers on them. They were told that the signs contained valuable information at the next pit stop. Some took photos of the signs, some jotted notes, and still others relied on their memory. When they arrived, teams had to take and pass a local poverty quiz.

If there were mistakes, “graders” simply marked wrong answers and returned the quizzes to the teams to try again… and again… and again. After receiving a 100%, teams received their next clue directing them to Bootcamp on the other side of the river.

Leg 8: Bootcamp

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Lori Harris put teams through a rigorous circuit training. This is the leg that we got the most feedback on for the race. Word is that Bootcamp is no joke – a great workout! After surviving finishing, teams were directed to create Lori’s famous green smoothie and together as a team, consume the entire blender.

Things got really interesting between these legs as one team member got to drive their car out to Texas Roadhouse, and the other three members needed to take public transportation (aka cab or trolley) or choose to walk.  We were trying to illustrate how difficult it is for someone without transportation to navigate themselves to places they wanted to go.  Teams were shocked to discover that the wait for the cab was anywhere from 1 to 2.5 hours long. For many, this was their first time riding the trolley.

Leg 9: Texas Roadhouse

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Once the driving team member arrived, they began “server training” and learned how to master the art of serving water on a tray without spilling it.  After that task was completed, they were told to consume a popular  “Blossom” appetizer.  Some racers chose to take one for the team and eat the entire thing, others waited for the rest of their team to arrive so they could help finish it off.

Once the entire dish was finished, all four members took part in another “server training” segment and learned one of the five line dances that the servers perform at Texas Roadhouse on any given evening.  The catch?  One member was inside the Andy Armadillo mascot costume while performing.

Leg 10: American Park

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Racers drove themselves to American Park and worked as a team to “walk” the skis from point A to point B and then carry them back again in order to receive their next clue.

Special thanks go to Five Star for loaning us the skis for the weekend.

Leg 11: Boling Vision Center

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Leg Sponsored By:  Boling Vision Center

Final leg was Bowling at Boling Vision Center!  One team member had to roll a giant ball down the alley and knock down the large inflatable pin marked “20/20.”  After the pins had been reset, and a team photo was taken sporting giant sunglasses, they received their final clue.

Next up – The finish line.

Results, photos and celebrations!


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