Thankful Thursday 8/16/12

Nick and Nate are friends who decided to have a lemonade and bake sale stand this summer. Nick has usually done this with his older brother but this year, at 15, he thought he was too old for a lemonade stand.  The purpose of the stand is to make money so they can buy food for CCS’s pantry.  They were able to raise $35.00 and both parents matched the money they made.
The boys went on-line to CCS website to find out exactly what the pantry needed.
With the $105.00 in hand, off to the grocery store they went to buy those items.  After arriving at CCS the food was weighed and the two boys put it all on the shelves before they left.
I am thankful there are parents who use the small things to help their children learn about what it means to giving back to the community.  What a great teaching moment.

  • Thankful for the offices at 307 S. Main St. who worked together to raise funds and food for our pantry, and had fun in the process. Thank you to Wells Fargo Insurance, Elkhart County Prosecutor’s Office, Crowe Horvath LLP, Indiana Trust Co., Motor Carrier Services, and Whippo Law Office.
  • Thankful for the Elkhart Restaurants and Foodies of both South Bend and Elkhart for their choice of CCS to benefit from the first-ever Elkhart Dining Days later this fall. Check back to this blog later for more info.
  • Thankful for volunteers that do basic, helpful things like sealing envelopes and sorting canned goods.

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