Powerful Volunteer Reflection

A volunteer reflects on her time with CCS.

My journey to Church Community Services started 3  1/2  years ago with the death of my husband and my best friend.  Through the healing and grieving process, I felt and knew God was by my side and guiding me through my journey.  I remember one very important process God blessed me with.  It is to take time and to be quiet, so I could listen to Him speak to me.

So as the years passed, I knew God was ready to help me with the next step, which is to take me out of my comfort zone.  So I made the phone call to volunteer after reading an article in the paper on the many needs here at Church Community Services.  I will never forget my emotions after working my first day in the food pantry.  As I was driving home I fought back tears.  That day was the first time since my husband died, I felt wanted and needed and I feel God has led me to my purpose.  I know my family and friends love me and have supported me through this time of change, but I think God wanted me at Church Community Services, to share my smile and to bless me with people I need also.

So no matter where you are in your journey of purpose, never underestimate the power of volunteering.  Also, remember to enjoy the quiet, you may be surprised what you hear.


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