Hacienda Gives Back 20% to Church Community Services

Elkhart Hacienda will give Church Community Services 20% of their sales on September 25th!

When: September 25th, 2012: 11 a.m.- 10 p.m.

Where: Hacienda Mexican Restaurant, Elkhart, Indiana, Easy Shopping Place (only this location)

What to bring: A printed version of this attached token, (click the link, don’t print the one on this page) or come to CCS (907 Oakland Ave., Elkhart, IN) to pick some up. You must have one for us to get 20% from your Hacienda order.

Hacienda will donate 20% of  sales on their Gives Back Fiesta Day!  All you have to do is bring in the token we provide, show it to your server, and everything on your bill will be counted for the 20% (excluding sales tax, comped items, and gift card redemptions).  You pay nothing extra.  You can go at lunch or dinner in large groups or individually.  You can purchase Hacienda Gift Cards with a token that day and CCS will receive a 20% cut.  Carry out orders are counted too. For instance, if you spend $20, CCS will get $4!

Gift cards will not be accepted to make payment for your meals with your token (For this program they’ll accept only credit cards and cash.) But you can PURCHASE a gift card with a token and 20% will go to CCS. You just can’t use it that day.

Give a token to your friends, business associates and family.  We’ve got hundreds already printed, but you can also print out your own using the link above. The more people coming in with a token, the more money CCS makes! One important rule – no tokens can be given to others on Hacienda property!  They must be distributed beforehand.  This is only fair to Hacienda, so that they are getting additional sales for what they are doing for us! If anyone is caught breaking these rules, the donation arrangement will be null and void.

Come on, aren’t you getting hungry for some chiles rellenos or some guacamole?



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