Thankful Thursday – 10/11/12

It’s Thankful Thursday!

The number one thing that we are thankful for this week is the safe delivery of Miles John Bradford born early this morning to our very own Soup Of Success staffer, Abbie and her husband Joe.  The happy family is doing well.  (More pics to come…)

Isn’t he adorable?

We are also thankful for:

  • The fact that when we need a desk, there always seems to be one.
  • The Greater Elkhart Chamber of Commerce Leadership Academy team for their visit and work on assembling Positively Potato Soup spice packets.
  • Autumn sunshine on our shoulders — when we can get it.
  • Creative church leaders like missions committee chair Mark Richards at Faith United Methodist Church who find ways to keep CCS in the hearts and minds of their congregations.
  • The privilege of intersecting people’s lives in very vulnerable places and seeing God show up.

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