Seeds of compassion bear fruit

Seed to Feed started in the hearts and minds of two local agricultural businessmen who wish to remain anonymous.  This project was literally engineered by faith. These two men soon became 30, and then 45 people, all in service to God. They wanted to find a way to address the issue of local food insecurity and build a model that anyone could copy, nationwide or internationally, to end local hunger. Together, taking care of our community…. and Seed to Feed was created.

Everything in this project was donated.  The land, farmers to plow the fields, seed to plant, fuel for the tractors, weed killer and fertilizer, the labor—all donated.

In its first year, Seed to Feed has yielded 25,941 pounds of fresh produce. That produce has been distributed by CCS to ten different agencies throughout Elkhart County and  St. Joseph County. Clients have enjoyed a  variety of fresh produce.  We still have 35 acres of corn and 30 acres of soybeans to harvest, all to sell. Dollars raised from that sale will buy winter vegetables at local auction that will keep for a few months for CCS and other pantries and hot meal sites in Elkhart County.

This is the story behind Seed to Feed. We will continue to document events as they happen, but one thing is sure, it’s the Lord’s work.


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