Helping the Homeless

Believe it or not, there are homeless people in Elkhart County.

Before I came to work at CCS 11 years ago, I believed homelessness was only in big cities.  I also was naïve enough to think that you could tell when someone was homeless by the way they looked.  I was wrong.

 In the last three days, three different homeless persons have come to CCS:

A middle aged woman who went through a divorce and lost everything, a single mother who has found herself in a difficult situation because of what life has thrown her way, and a man who has discovered that when you’re uninsured and have health problems you can’t address, it’s difficult to stay employed.

Homelessness is an issue that’s easy to avoid if you don’t come face to face with people who are homeless and hear their stories.

At Church Community Services we do our best to meet the needs of men, women and families who are homeless.  Each one has a story and each one needs a hand in writing a hopeful future story.

For the three people we saw, it meant giving information about community resources, financial assistance for medication, help to complete an application for housing, and above all listening without judgment.

There was nothing about the way these three looked that would have led me to believe they were homeless, but they know they are when each night they lay their head on the ground or the seat of a car and worry for their safety and keeping warm.

-Vonda Horst, Financial Assistance Counselor


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