Intern in the Spotlight: Lana Topolski

I’m from Constantine, Michigan where I currently reside on the beautiful St. Joseph River with my family of four. I’ve been married for 10 years to my best friend Aaron and blessed with two wonderful sons. I didn’t think could get any luckier. But, that’s where CCS comes into the picture.

I’m currently enrolled in the Business Management program at Harrison College and excited to announce that I am on the home stretch and will receive my associates degree in December of this year!  I was drawn to Harrison College for their Business Program along with their adult-style, career-focused environment.

During my last term at Harrison College, I am required to complete an internship for 12 weeks. Luckily, Harrison and CCS had already been in contact with one another in regards to an intern joining the CCS team. That’s where my luck comes into play. When Harrison Career Services and I met to discuss an internship site, my thoughts were that I’d have to settle for a site/organization that wasn’t in my interest. Little did I know, I would be accepted into an internship of great interest and superb service. After meeting with the team at CCS, I knew I’d be lucky and blessed to receive the position.

Working under the Director of Development, Carol Willis, I am given the duties of marketing/communications, where I perform numerous tasks involving the outreach to others so that they become familiar with Church Community Services and all that they do for the community of Elkhart County.

I will be with CCS until December 15 and I know I will gain a lot of knowledge from all the staff members, volunteers, and people I come in contact with to broaden my experience for my future career. Everyone I have interacted with has a genuine smile and the aura here is uplifting and amazing.

Thank you CCS for accepting my internship and allowing me to give not only my time but my desire to help make a change in someone’s life today.


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