Intern in the Spotlight: Jess Haines

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Where are you from?

 South Bend, IN

What brought you to Indiana University South Bend (IUSB)? What are you studying and what year are you in your studies?

I had gone to IUSB with my mom while she was finishing her Masters when I was young, and it was convenient as an adult for me.  I have a Bachelors in Sociology.  I am now studying to get my Masters of Social Work at IUSB.  I am in my second year of three.

What brought you to intern with CCS as a client counselor for the financial assistance program and how long are you with us?

My faculty liason, in charge of helping me find a placement, suggested CCS after I expressed my desire to share my spirit with my clients.  I recently did mission work in Honduras and it really opened me up to a way of practicing and helping others in the way of social work that I had not been able to do very openly, before now.  I am pleased she was able to find me a placement that is so rich in the spirit of their beliefs, and are so positive in such a difficult and trying profession.  I will be here until the first few days of May.

 What will be your job duties?

We are still working out the details, but for now I know that I will be working in with the financial service program and helping clients with prescriptions.  I am also going to work with Vonda Horst, Financial Services Director, on a revised Intern Handbook, as well as help formulate a more effective and simple electronic system for recording the frequencies of prescription types.

What have you enjoyed about working here so far?

I have not been here long, but I definitely love the energy that everyone seems to have.  I have enjoyed the upbeat, friendly demeanor of all those working or volunteering here.  I also enjoy seeing the faces of those receiving help.  It is fascinating to see the reaction of those receiving their check or voucher for prescriptions and hear their thanks.
What are you looking forward to in your time with us?

I am looking forward to learning more about the impact an organization like CCS can have on its clients and its community, as well as learn if this is the particular population and duties I want to pursue in my future profession.

What are the goals you seek out to accomplish while you are here?
My goals are to have as many enriching experiences as I can, and to learn as much as possible.  I also hope to leave some part of me that will help CCS in whatever way they need.

Thanks Jess for your heart for serving others and the passion that you bring to CCS and the community!


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