Thankful Thursday 4/18/13

  • Thankful that Kruse Farm Supply has been generous enough to host our peppers and onions as they wait to be transplanted. Their donation of both space and labor is greatly appreciated.
  • Thankful that our Food Bank pantry successfully opened with Christ’s Commissary pantry serving as our first shoppers.
  • Thankful for the willingness of students and staff from Harrison College  to help provide Homebound deliveries this past Tuesday. We also feel honored that they chose us as their charity of choice as they enter a service day challenge among all of the Harrison campuses. Good luck.

John and Jill skate rental

  • Thankful to Jill & John Duggan for hosting a private skating party this past Saturday at Holiday Skate Center for Soup Of Success participants both past and present and their families.  All 94 people had an amazing time!

blue rink

  • No one felt blue this morning at the rink.Jeannie Fam
  • The family that skates together… stays together!Tall Tyler and Rod
  • With skates on, Tylar is almost as tall as her dad Rod!
  • Limbo
  • Limbo was super popular.Betsy and boys
  • Betsy hangin’ with the boys.Mai & Diana
  • Maisha and Diana are all smiles.happy reunion
  • Happy Reunion!Gina fam
  • It was awesome to spend the morning together at the rink catching up!

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