Last week was an eventful one for the Seed to Feed gardens.

cattle grazing in a green pasture

Last Saturday the donated cattle were taken to the donated pasture on CR 2.  Here they are exploring their new home.

On Monday a small group prepared and planted the Heart’s Desire garden.  Look for lots of summer and winter squash to come from this garden.

Burt Culver holding a crate of freshly harvested radishes

 Tuesday was an exciting day!  Burt Culver delivered the very first harvest of the year to the CCS food pantry—radishes from the River Oaks garden.

On Wednesday, Andrea Milne learned to use a tiller as she prepared the soil in the NW Goshen garden, turning her yard into a place to grow food for Seed to Feed.  Friday we received a donation of tomato plants and other seedlings from Martins Pet and Garden Center, which were immediately planted at the Bullard garden.  The green beans and sweet corn in the Bullard garden are also up and growing well.

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