Women’s Creeds

Each team of women that goes through a cycle of Soup Of Success, participates in a session where they write their personal creed.  Five of the women have allowed me to share their creeds here with you.

Didi’s Creed

I believe that I have felt lost and alone, obligated to satisfy others needs and wants besides my own for 32 years;

Not because I am weak but because I put myself last.

I believe that I am now knowing and realizing that I am a person valuable and important person.

I believe that no matter what I’ve done and where I’ve been I deserve to be happy and enjoy this one life I have been given.

I believe that I am much more than I ever gave myself credit for.

I believe that I am smart, witty, charming and funny.

I believe that my voice is heard and people do listen. It is ok to speak up and disagree.

I believe that I am confident in myself and what I say whether people/family/friends like it or not. I am going to say how I feel with confidence whether they talk to me again or not.

I believe my opinions matter. My voice matters. My creativeness matters. It may not matter to everyone but I’m going to be me.

I will make mistakes but that is human!

 Marsha’s Creed

“I believe I’m different”

I believe I’m different, in a common way that is; blessed into this world with the passion for love and truth.

I believe I’m a form of being not able to be understood, because not even evolution can match the obvious.

I believe that I possess an overwhelming passion for human nature and commit to spreading all the blessings I can throughout my time.

I believe that the time has come for me to use those feelings to spread love and happiness by any means necessary.

I believe that sadness, anger, and hate have too much power today and my motto is happiness begets happiness and so shall be acted out.

I believe our children are our future and we all as a society have to be upstanding leaders and role models.

I believe in the relationship of all human nature, we all share the same link of feelings and in some spiritual way they are connected to absorb whatever energy is being put out.

I believe that happiness is healthy and very essential to being prosperous, so to be the opposite should not be an option.

I believe that any person that has an open mind, empathy for others and firmly believes everything has an end is already on their way to their glory, blessed within and that I shall be.

Doris’ Creed

I believe the woman I was, was in a dark place. Now I believe the woman I am has a light of radiance and I’m gonna let it shine.

I believe that Jesus is my power and wisdom and is the Center of my being, I believe I will commit to acting on my strength.

I believe I have passion and potential to do anything I put my mind to, I believe the woman I am now will express these gifts God has given me.

I believe the woman I am today will let old things go, and always keep a positive attitude with gratitude. As a strong woman, I will continue to dismiss anything that harms my soul.

I believe that the woman I am today has replaced negative thoughts with positive thoughts for my well-being. I commit my mind to thinking and speaking positive about myself and others.

I believe that young women need to have a positive role model. I as a young woman wished I had a positive role model when I was young. Now as a positive woman, I will commit to being a positive person, and to be an example for the young women of today.

I believe I have integrity and self-love today, I believe the woman I am today will commit to a life of holiness, and God says I am worthy of love, for myself and others.

I believe it’s my personality as being spiritual to care for my body with respect, kindness, and compassion. I believe the woman I am will commit to balancing my life to the fullness and keep God first.

I know today I have joy, peace, happiness. I have overcome obstacles that have kept me from joy, peace, and happiness. The woman I am today is staying committed to the good things in my life.

I believe in myself and God. I know I can do all things through Christ who is my strength!

Debbie’s Creed

I believe in self-esteem. I believe in confidence.

I believe I must open my heart to respond to God’s call. The way that I live brings light to us all.

I call you, Team 10, all my friends, but deep inside you are more than that. I call you family.

I am believing in myself.

From the beginning I didn’t trust very much, but my sisters have taught me to trust.

I believe there are people in this world that care.

I believe you must work hard at what you want.

I am learning that no one can take what I have.

Chrishawnda’s Creed

 I believe that I serve an awesome God; through Christ all things are possible.

I believe that all things happen for a reason.

I believe that the struggle I went through only makes me stronger.

I believe that I can be the best mother I can be. I commit to believe more than what others say.

I believe that honesty is the key to a good relationship.

I believe that forgiving is good for the soul.

I believe that education is the key to being successful.

I believe that you should always finish what you started.

I believe that I am a woman of my word and I commit to being about what I say.

I believe that the impossible is always possible.


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