Planting and Mulching and Firetrucks, Oh My…

Thanks to donations from McKinley Terrace Garden Center, Ron Martin Seed and Supply, and MDC Goldenrod, we have seed potatoes, onion sets, and tomato, pepper, cabbage, collard, squash, and other seedlings available for clients who would like to have a home garden.



Representatives from the Purdue Extension Family Nutrition Program came to the pantry on Tuesday.  This week, they provided samples of and recipes for a bean wrap, a simple dish to make with the dry beans we have available in the food pantry.


On Wednesday morning we had a great crew of volunteers come to the CCS garden help plant seedlings donated by Ron Martin Seed and Supply.  We were grateful that a crew from Simpson St. Fire Station was willing to help with the watering of the transplants!



Thursday morning 13 members of the True Vine Tabernacle youth group came to help continue planting and mulching in the CCS garden.  As of Friday at noon, that garden is completely planted with all the spring crops!