Good Samaritans


In chapter 17, Denver reveals parts of his life on the street that led to him spending time in prison. I was reflecting on his life and the almost inevitable chances of him re-offending or dying in the streets from some addiction or disease.  I was marveling at the fact that Denver seemed to always have faith in God and an instinctive sense of what is right and fair; even in criminal activity. I wondered why God took so long in helping him. But then on page 80 I realized God was always helping him, just not through normal channels.

“I didn’t scare everybody, though. I slept in the doorway of that United Way over on Commerce Street for a whole lotta years. And every morning for all that time, a lady who worked there brought me a sandwich. I never knowed her name and she never knowed mine. I wish I could thank her. Funny, though. That United Way building was right next door to a church, and for all them years, nobody at that church ever looked my way”.

Two things jumped out at me here; the Church turning a blind eye, and the Good Samaritans that God had always been sending in Denver’s life. Reflecting on this, I realized God always sends His children Good Samaritans. He also expects each of us to not be like that church — turning a blind eye to what’s on our doorstep, but like the mystery woman who, for a countless number of years, brought Denver a sandwich. Deborah had a dream, a vision, a mission put upon her by her belief in God. She, like the Good Samaritan, did something she wasn’t supposed to do: cross racial and class boundaries and truly loved her neighbor. This has helped me see the Good Samaritans in my life, how about yours?


What are the situations in your life when you have acted like the church that didn’t take notice or when you have acted like the Good Samaritan and stopped to help someone in need?

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