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We are really excited to have Ron Hall come and speak at the Lerner. Part of this is because we have the chance to bring in a powerful speaker who’s life was changed through the opportunity to witness how poverty affects people’s lives. But we are also excited because we have the chance to hear the author of Same Kind of Different as Me, a book that has impacted many of our lives. It has been interesting these past few months to run into people throughout Goshen and Elkhart who are excited to hear that Ron is coming to town. They tell us story after story of how the book altered the way they thought, felt, or talked. Here are just a few more thoughts about how this story has impacted a variety of people.

“Same Kind of Different as Me opened my eyes in a new way to a problem that remains largely out-of-sight, out-of-mind all across our nation. As mayor of Fort Worth, Texas, where much of this story takes place, my resolve to address homelessness strengthened dramatically as a result of this book. Ron Hall and Denver Moore deserve tremendous credit for raising awareness in such a compelling way. An important read for anyone with a heart for his or her fellow man, Same Kind of Different as Me is truly a work for the ages.”

Mike Moncrief
Former Mayor, City of Fort Worth

“The most inspirational and emotionally gripping story of faith, fortitude, and friendship I have ever read. A powerful example of the healing, restorative power of forgiveness and the transformational, life changing power of unconditional love. Many talk about it, a few live it. The people in this story unquestionably do. Ron, Denver, and Debbie sincerely, humbly and unabashedly share their story, warts and all, leaving any reader permanently changed. From modern day slavery, still in existence today, to infidelity, to the miraculous, supernatural interventions of GOD and his Angels, this amazingly TRUE story reminds us of the limitless power of love.”

Mark Clayman
Executive Producer of The Pursuit of Happyness

“Denver Moore and Ron Hall’s story is one that moved me to tears. The friendship that forms between these two men at a time when both were in great need is an inspiration to all of us to be more compassionate to everyone we come in contact with. This is truly a wonderful book!”

Mrs. Barbara Bush

To read more you can go to the Same Kind of Different as Me website and remember to reserve your tickets to listen to Ron on September 27th at The Lerner Theatre.


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