Modern Day Saints

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I was shocked to read about Deborah having cancer and that it was terminal. I was astounded at the depths of the family’s faith and commitment to each other during the trials they suffered while Deborah battled her disease. Even more touching and revealing was the level of care and concern shown to Deborah and Ron by Denver and the people at the mission through their constant prayer vigils and support.

It was an emotional roller coaster ride to be with each one of them as they told of Deborah’s last weeks, especially Deborah’s final days and the peace she found while putting her affairs in order, “not with sadness, but with the joy of a traveler lightening her load before a trip to a place she always wanted to go.” (pg 174) What an inspiring way to view our time here, and how wonderful for the Halls and Denver to let us share in these most precious moments of their journey together. Denver’s faith grew ever stronger during this difficult time, as did his words of wisdom, as he heard from God. He began showing up every day at the Hall’s during Deborah’s last days, delivering “a word from the Lord” each time that coincided with exactly what the family was going through or what they needed to hear.

Denver let it be known that Deborah was not going to leave until she had accomplished everything she needed to do and fulfilled every last moment of her time here. He also let it be known when the time had come, that it was time for the saints to release her. This really hit me like a brick when I realized who the saints were he was talking about. Her friends and family had been holding constant prayer vigils for her to be healed, and so powerful were their prayers, I believe and Denver did too, that he pronounced that they were keeping her chained to the earth when her spirit was longing for paradise. Such is the power of a few believers with strong faith. What an awesome thought! Even more exciting however is to really understand that we, you and I are saints, the very ones spoken of in the Bible!

I wonder how much Denver understood how his story has changed and enhanced and given hope to all those who have read it? What nuggets have you taken from Ron and Denver so far?


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