What does this book mean to us?


For the past few weeks, several of us from Church Community Services have run into people who knew about our event, An Evening to Remember with Ron Hall. And they all comment about how much they love the book, Same Kind of Different as Me. From a business acquaintance, to a relative, to a cashier at the local coffee shop, the response is always positive. For some it is Deborah’s story that touched their lives, for others it is the issues of homelessness and poverty that made the book important. And while we at CCS loved the book for many of the same reasons, there is one message that continues to jump out at us: COMMUNITY.

Same Kind of Different as Me is the story of an unforeseen community being strengthened through the little things. Ron and Deborah and Denver and Mary Ellen and even Mr. Ballantine; they were all a community, pieced together not necessarily through their personal preferences but through their circumstances. This is what makes this book great – people within a community coming together to help each other out. This is our hope for each program we provide here at CCS: community support. Our thought is always, “what would happen if our community would come together to help end hunger or poverty.”

We believe that the story Ron and Denver tell is not just an isolated event that happened 15 years ago in a place hundreds of miles away. This can be our story, today in Elkhart County. We have our own unique community and you are a part of this community. Whether you are a donor or a local business or a Soup of Success trainee or a volunteer or a food pantry client or a church member; you are part of our community. Ron Hall is coming to speak on September 27th, not just because he has a good story, but because he offers a message of hope for our community here in Elkhart County. A message of how two people from the same community but from very different worlds can come together to create an incredible story.


Our event sponsors and underwriters have helped make it possible for Ron Hall to come to Elkhart County and now we are asking you to help make it possible for others in our community, who are unable to afford a ticket, to attend. You can help by donating a ticket to a community member. Just visit our An Evening to Remember page and click on the “Donate a Ticket” button. This financial donation to CCS will be used to buy tickets for CCS clients who would not be able to attend without your gift. Thank you for your support and we look forward to seeing you along with many others from our community on September 27th!


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