Busy, Busy Week

This has been quite a busy week!

On Monday we had a cookout to celebrate the success of Seed to Feed’s second year.  We recognized all of our dedicated garden volunteers, and also described how churches can get involved with Seed to Feed next year.

Thirteen Bethel College students came out to the Bullard garden on Tuesday for a couple of hours to help harvest tomatoes and start some fall clean up in that garden.  They harvested 517 pounds of tomatoes!

Wednesday was the big potato harvest day!  128 middle school students from St. Thomas School in Elkhart came out and harvested half of the field: 35,365 pounds of potatoes!

potato harvest

All of those potatoes need to be sorted through and boxed so that they will store longer, and are available for other food pantries to distribute.  Yesterday and today we had four groups of students from The Crossings out to help sort potatoes.  They made it through about a third of the potatoes.  Here, one of the groups is showing off the biggest potato they each found.


This coming week will offer two major ways for you to help us out: harvesting and sorting more potatoes.

We will be harvesting the rest of the potato field in two sessions:

  • Wednesday the 9th from 3:30 pm to 7:30 pm
  • Thursday the 10th from 3:30 pm to 7:30 pm
The field is south of Middlebury, located on the west side of SR 13, one half mile north of SR 4 (just north of a woods, and south of a chicken house).  Stop by if you have a couple hours to spare.
Groups or individuals are also needed to help with sorting the potatoes once they’re harvested.  This will happen at Church Community Services (907 Oakland Ave, Elkhart) over the next two weeks during the work day. Please contact Katie Jantzen at katiejantzen@gmail.com or 574-295-3673 ext. 122 if you’re interested in helping with the sorting.

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