I am not a food critic nor a food photographer…

I am not a food critic, and I am definitely not a food photographer, but I believe in supporting locally owned restaurants – especially when they are coming together to support a great cause – Church Community Services.

Elkhart Dining Days (EDD) began last night and runs through October 12.  The chefs have, in most cases, created extra special menu items that are not on the regular menu.  If a diner orders off of the Elkhart Dining Days menu, $2 from each meal goes to CCS.  In it’s inaugural year – 2012 – the Elkhart community supported local restaurants and raised $3000 to help CCS help people in our community who are in need.

My husband and I look forward to supporting the EDD movement.  We peruse the menus online, consult our calendars and try to carve out at least 2 opportunities for date nights or gatherings with friends during the 9 day window.

Tonight was date night at the Chubby Trout.

Diners could choose two items off of a special appetizer/ salad/dessert menu and one entree.


I chose the Scallop Citrus Ceviche.  Quite honestly, that was the main reason that elevated this to the top of my list for date night status.  I was all about the ceviche and the rest was just bonus.  It didn’t let me down.  Fresh, light, delightful, even the pita chips were handmade and fresh.20131005_174751He chose the Bison Meatballs.  I snagged one and it was full of flavor with a little kick at the end.

20131005_174555We both chose the Cranberry and Roasted Pear Salad.  It was beautiful and impressive.  My photo does not do it justice.

Then the entrees arrived.

20131005_180709He enjoyed his Teriyaki Glazed Salmon but was indeed lusting after my shrimp risotto.  A meal so delicious that I slowly savored each bite and planned on taking half of it home to repeat the experience in the near future.

The menu description: 

Shrimp Risotto: classic risotto with sautéed white shrimp, caramelized shallots, white wine and a balsamic reduction served with fresh broccolini.

In reality: 

So much more than that.

If this is an example of the goodness that local chefs are cooking up for 2013 EDD, Elkhart is in for a treat.   No doubt, the other restaurants are just as amazing. Which restaurant will you choose? Let us know where you will be and the amazing food you have tried in the comments below!

I have not looked forward to leftovers this much in years.

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