Spuds Galore!


The potato harvest was a huge success!  The total is in: 64,365 pounds of potatoes, harvested with the help of nearly 300 volunteers over the course of 3 harvest days!  THANK YOU SO MUCH TO EVERYONE WHO GAVE OF THEIR TIME FOR THIS PROJECT!


With all of the potatoes harvested and now at CCS, we are in need of people to help sort and box them.  We have all of the potatoes from the first half of the harvest sorted, but that leaves 28,000 pounds still to sort.  This group of 4th graders from Bethany Christian School did a tremendous job of sorting potatoes for us on Thursday as part of their service program.  If you think you can do as well as a 4th grader with potato sorting, please call Katie (574-295-3673 ext. 122) to set up a time for you or your group to help sort this coming week!  We’ll have times available from 9 to 3 Monday through Friday, and 9 to 2 on Saturday the 19th.

We’re looking forward to another educational opportunity through Seed to Feed! There will be a free applesauce-making workshop on October 19 for anyone in the community interested in learning how to preserve this year’s apple abundance through canning or freezing.  For more details, check out our website or call Seth at (574-295-3673 ext. 122).


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