Preparing for the next stage.


Last Friday two different groups from The Crossing school came to Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary to help us harvest wildflower seeds from the prairie there.  The students used their creativity to come up with the most efficient methods of harvesting the seeds, and we ended up with quite a bit!  We’ll sell the seeds as a way to raise money for Seed to Feed.


Earlier this week we had 1,229 pounds of pork sausage come in.  What great timing!  We were low on meat, and now we’ll be able to have more variety leading up to Thanksgiving.


On Thursday and Friday, four gardens were put to bed for the winter.  The northwest Goshen garden, the larger CCS garden plot, the Heart’s Desire garden, and the River Oaks garden were tilled and rye was planted as a cover crop.  We also planted 4 rows of garlic in the River Oaks garden.  It’s a little late in the season to plant garlic, hopefully the rain and warmer temperatures this weekend will get it off to a good start.



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