Men Alive gets ready to begin!

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Men Alive is the perfect name for our new men’s empowerment program because, unfortunately, there are times in life when people “fall asleep” and this new program hopes to call them to come alive! They will be called to come alive in their homes, come alive in their churches and come alive in their communities. There are so many circumstances – unemployment, discouragements, unexpected crises, health problems, domestic conflicts – that make it easy to fall asleep and throw us off our desired path.  And when this happens, getting back on track seems like climbing an impossible mountain.

But the truth remains the same: our families, our churches and our communities need strong, healthy men!

While these many life circumstances attempt to defeat us, Men Alive hopes to strengthen those who have been knocked down and need a helping hand. By offering a supportive training program, Men Alive, through God’s strength and grace, will help men restore what they have lost and return to Elkhart County, men who have been lifted up and given hope. Church Community Services is excited to continue the empowerment momentum, started by Soup Of Success, by beginning this program for men. We have already received so much support from the community, but still need your help!

How will YOU

help empower Elkhart County Men?

Surface Gift 004Recently, Tom and Mary Ann Surface blessed Men Alive with a “seed” gift of $5,000. As former teachers, both Tom and Mary Ann saw the value of a program directed at bettering the lives of local men. Their desire is that this gift will not only benefit the program but also encourage others to donate. We thank Tom and Mary Ann Suface for the generous gift and their support at the beginning of Men Alive. This is their giving story, what will yours be?

  • We begin on January 6, 2014, with 6 men. However, we still need financial donations to make it possible for the program to continue with even more men. Any gift you can offer greatly helps.
  • Our program will run during the afternoons, so another option is to donate lunch for the guys (food is our love language). Just contact us with what type of lunch and when you would be able to offer it.
  • We always appreciate when people are willing to volunteer their skills and time. While Men alive will not begin with a specific “mentoring” element, we do believe that it is important for the these men to connect with and hear from other individuals who have something to share.

Please call and we will help connect your desires to give with the needs of the program. Above all, please pray for us as we begin this journey! Thanks again for your support of Men Alive and Church Community Services.

Sean Murphy, Men Alive Director
574-295-3673  ext. 117

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