Three Days In

conf tableWe just ended our third day of Men Alive as I write this. For many this may not sound impressive, but after months of research, development, seeking funding and planning for our first group of men, this is big. Six men are at CCS every day; growing stronger, learning new things, and beginning a new chapter in their lives. At CCS, the dignity and humanity of each man is at the forefront as they go through Men Alive. Each participant isn’t defined by homelessness, addiction or unemployment, rather, each man is a child of God with much to learn but also much to contribute.

One illustration of the collective value of these men came last Thursday. We huddled to consider what would be a great statement to help define what the Men Alive program was all about. We articulated terms that were important to all of us – like love, integrity, community and more. We then needed to craft a phrase that summed it all up. Right away Chris, one of our participants, came up with the core of the statement that we ended up adopting: Men Alive – growing stronger, changing our community. We wanted to include the idea that we are all growing personally, getting stronger by the day, changing old habits and developing new ones. All of this leads to actual change in our community.

We are not growing stronger just for our own benefit.We are growing stronger to change our community in very positive ways. And this has already begun in these first three days. Three days of growing stronger. Three days of changing our community. So thank you to everyone for their prayers, financial support and the time you have already spent with our men.  So even though it may only be the end of day three, what a great start we have had to Men Alive! 


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