Seed to Feed Gets Some Helping Hands

Men Alive began last week and part of the new program calls for the men to spend time working with Seed to Feed. For two hours each day, the men spend time with Seed to Feed, being a part of garden planning, learning about nutrition and agriculture, and being involved in and learning about the community.



The men worked with Katie and Seth to start planning the Seed to Feed gardens. We analyzed information about each garden as well as results from a survey of pantry guests about vegetable preferences in order to make some initial
decisions about what to plant where. The survey results confirmed that nearly everybody does indeed like tomatoes, and that many people would also like to see fresh onions, green beans, watermelon, bell peppers, and cucumbers available in the food pantry.


Seth led an activity on jobs in Elkhart. They worked at understanding what types of jobs are available in Elkhart and what this says about the area.


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